MUEN-H6 Series

Industrial Range


Digital Scroll Modular Water Chillers MUEN-H6 series

Digital Scroll Compressor Copeland

In traditional air cooling systems the output capacity is monitored by  on / off compressor control. The accuracy of the control mode is not very good and the compressor starts and stops frequently, which is not too good for its useful life.

The Digital Scroll air-cooled system breaks the traditional design. It is designed with a parallel connection of a Digital Scroll compressor and one (or two) fixed Scroll compressors. The system can achieve a linear fit of its capacity, from 0.5 % to 100 %, this range is one of the larger from the sector. When the system is operating at partial load, it is possible to  adjust accurately the cooling or heating power.

Modular System

Modular design that allows up to 16 units can operate together, it can form an equipment of up to 1 024 kW.

Operation under low temperatures

Thanks to control condensation fan, units can operate in both cooling and heating up to -10 °C outdoor temperature.

Easy connection

Easy connection between the master and slave units. All units can be connected via a wired remote control (included with each unit) using a three pole shielded cable.

Safeguard function

If the unit gives an error code (E *)

– If it is in the master unit, all units stop (a slave unit can be configured as master unit to leave the system in service temporarily).

– If the error is in a slave unit, just that unit stops.

If the unit gives a protection code (P *), the unit stops but the rest keep ongoing, regardless of whether it is not the master unit (except PE and P9 codes).

New heat exchangers

More reliable system thanks to the new heat exchangers. 30 kW modules incorporate a heat exchanger of double pipe, while the 65 kW modules carry shell and tube heat exchanger.

Check function

From the display of the electronic board of the unit you can check various operating parameters in real time.

Built-in wired remote control

All series units incorporate a control that lets you adjust all operating parameters.

Quiet operation

Design optimized to minimize fan noise level.


  • Digital Scroll Compressor Copeland
  • Modular System
  • Easy connection
  • Safeguard function
  • New heat exchangers
  • Check function
  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in wired remote control
  • It does not include hydronic kit

 Technical Documentation

Data SheetES 18X18EN 18X18FR 18X18DE 18X18
Owner's and installation manual (MUEN-30-H6T)ES 18X18EN 18X18
Owner's and installation manual (MUEN-65-H6T)ES 18X18EN 18X18

Technical specifications


CodeCL 25 616CL 25 617
Power supplyF, V, Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz
Cooling (1)CapacitykW3065
Power consumptionkW1020,4
Max. currentA21,154,5
Heating (2)CapacitykW3269
Power consumptionkW9,821,5
Max. currentA21,154,5
SCOP (heating 35°C)W/W3,143,04
Energy labelling (heating 35°C)A+A+
Digital ScrollModelZPD67KCE-TFD-532ZPD72KCE-TFD-433
Power consumptionkW5,265,75
Max. currentA10,612,7
Power consumptionkW5,210,8
Max. currentA11,821,1
Power consumptionkW5,2
Max. currentA11,8
Air flow (H)m3/h12.00024.000
PowerkW0,6700,865 x 2
Sound pressure (3)dB(A)6567
Sound power (3)dB(A)8083
Water exchangerTypeDouble tubeShell and tube
Water pressure dropkPa6015
Nominal flowm3/h5,211,2
Soiling factorm2·ºC /kW0,0860,086
Max. design pressureMpa11
Connection typeFlangedFlanged
Hydraulic connectionsmm (pulg.)DN40 (1 1/2”)DN 100 (4”)
DimensionsNet dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)mm1514 x 1865 x 8412000 x 1880 x 900
Gross dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)mm1590 x 2065 x 9952106 x 2090 x 998
AmountKg3,5 x 27 x 2
Electrical connectionsPower wiringa (4)mm24 x 10 + T (L<20m)4 x 25 + T (L<20m)
Communication wiring (5)mm23 x 0,75 (shielded)3 x 0,75 (shielded)
Ambient temperature in operationCoolingºC-10 a 46-10 a 46
HeatingºC-10 a 21-10 a 21
Water temperature in operationCooling (6)ºC0 a 170 a 17
HeatingºC22 a 5045 a 50


(1) Nominal conditions cooling: Water temperature 12 °C (Inlet), 7 °C (Outlet), outdoor temperature 35 °C DB. Water flow rate 0.172 m3/(h·KW)

(2) Nominal heating conditions: Water temperature 40 °C (Inlet), 45 °C (Outlet), outdoor temperature 7 °C DB. Water flow rate 0.172 m3/(h·KW)

(3) Sound level measured at 1 m of distance in an open field.

(4) Power wiring recommended for L < 20 m, for longer distances it should be calculated.

(5) Remote control wiring and interconnection of several modules.

(6) Below 5 ° C antifreeze must be added to the hydraulic circuit.

It does not include hydronic kit