Maxi MVD D4+

Industrial range


Maxi MVD D4+ (2 pipes)

Since its creation in 2002 and the launch in 2003 MVD-D series have become a leading product in the market, thanks to A/C simplified systems, its energy savings and the stable operation.

The new modular system Maxi MVD D4+ (2 pipes) consists of 5 basic modules that can be combined among them, allowing maximum power up to 180 kW and maximum pipe length up to 1000 m.


  • Digital Scroll Compressor
  • Wide range with multiple combinations
  • Does not create electromagnetic disturbances
  • Auto addressing
  • Simplified communication connection
  • Precise temperature control
  • Night mode
  • Maximum length of pipe up to 1000 m
  • Rotation & Backup
  • Wide operating range
  • Total compability

     Technical documentation

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Digital Scroll Compressor

The system is equipped with a DIGITAL SCROLL compressor that is set and controlled by a pulse width modulator (PWM). It incorporates the most advanced technology in the industry.

Wide range of power adjustment from 10 % to 100 %. Constant power adjustment. Long lasting: The solenoid valve PWM can be used 40 trillions times, that is equivalent to 30 years.

Wide range with multiple combinations

Five basic modules that can be combined as the customer wishes. System capacity can range from 8HP to 64HP in 2HP increments. In total you can connect up to 64 indoor units or a total capacity indoors that does not exceed 130 % of the capacity of the outdoor unit.

Precise temperature control

Thanks to the advantages of digital scroll compressor, the system can quickly achieve maximum performance and shorten heating and cooling time.

It does not create electromagnetic interferences

The MVD system does not create electromagnetic disturbances, since coolant charging and discharging of the compressor are mechanical movements. These special features make it a system applicable to telecommunications companies, power plants and all kinds of precision measuring laboratories.

Auto addressing

The outdoor unit can assign address to the indoor units automatically.

Wireless and wired controls KJR-29B, can also configure, query and modify the addresses of the indoor units.

Simplified communication connection

The installation of the communication wiring is simpler because in case you need to install a centralized control is not necessary to wire a second bus for communication between the indoor units and the central control. You can connect the central control directly to the outdoor unit and perform automatic routing, so the control detects all indoor units connected to that outdoor unit, after you can modify the address manually with individual control of each indoor unit.

Maximum length of pipe up to 1000 m

The Maxi MVD D4+ system supports a maximum length of pipe up to 1000 m and a height difference of 70 m or even 110m in case the outdoor unit is installed lower than indoor units.

Rotación & Backup

Thanks to the rotation function every unit can be started as master unit in a modular system, therefore, all compressors will work the same amount of hours.

Wide range of operation

The Maxi MVD D4+ system can operate in extreme temperatures in heating mode up to an outside temperature of -15 °C and in cooling mode up to 48 °C.

Total compability

The Maxi MVD D4+ system is compatible with all MVD indoor units.



Power supply3N-, 400V, 50Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz3N-, 400V, 50Hz
Cooling (1)CapacitykW25,22833,54045
Max. intensityA2828284242
Heating (2)CapacitykW2731,537,54550
Max. intensityA2828284242
ConnectivityConnectable capacity%50-13050-13050-13050-13050-130
Max. number of interiors1316202326
Digital ScrollModelZPD72KCE-TFD-433ZPD72KCE-TFD-433ZPD72KCE-TFD-433ZPD72KCE-TFD-433ZPD72KCE-TFD-433
Oil (type)ml3.667 (POE)3.667 (POE)3.667 (POE)3.667 (POE)3.667 (POE)
CapacitykW13,9213,9216,216.2 x216.2 x2
ConsumptionkW4,614,615,25.2 x25.2 x2
Oil (type)ml3.194 (POE)3.194 (POE)3.252 (POE)3.252 x2 (POE)3.252 x2 (POE)
FanBrandPanasonicPanasonicPanasonicPanasonic + BOPanasonic + BO
TypeDC InverterDC InverterDC InverterDC Inverter + ACDC Inverter + AC
Quantity1111 + 11 + 1
Flow ratem3/h11.70011.70011.70015.60015.600
PowerkW0,750,750,750.575 + 0.6700.575 + 0.670
Static pressureStandardPa0-200-200-200-200-20
Sound pressure (3)dB5757586061
DimensionsNet (W x H x D)mm960 x 1,615 x 765960 x 1,615 x 765960 x 1,615 x 7651,250 x 1,615 x 7651,250 x 1,615 x 765
Gross (W x H x D)mm1.025 x 1x790 x 8301,025 x 1,790 x 8301,025 x 1,790 x 8301,305 x 1,790 x 8201,305 x 1,790 x 820
Design pressureHighMpa4,44,44,44,44,4
Pipe distances (4)Max. Verticalm7070707070
Pipe connections (5)Liquidmm9,5 (3/8")9,5 (3/8")12,7 (1/2")12,7 (1/2")12,7 (1/2")
Gasmm22,2 (7/8")22,2 (7/8")25,4 (1")25,4 (1")28,6 (1/8")
Electrical connections (6)Power cablemm24 x 10 + T (L<20m)4 x 10 + T (L<20m)4 x 10 + T (L<20m)4 x 16 + T (L<20m)4 x 16 + T (L<20m)
Comunication cablemm23 x 0,75 (shielded)3 x 0,75 (shielded)3 x 0,75 (shielded)3 x 0,75 (shielded)3 x 0,75 (shielded)
Working temperature rangeCoolingºC-15 to 48-15 to 48-15 to 48-15 to 48-15 to 48
HeatingºC-20 to 24-20 to 24-20 to 24-20 to 24-20 to 24


(1) Nominal cooling conditions : Indoor 27 °C DB, 19 °C WB and outdoor 35 °C DB, pipe length of 7.5 m and a height difference of 0 m.

(2) Nominal heating conditions: Indoor 20 °C DB, 15 °C WB and outdoor 7 °C DB, pipe length of 7.5 m and a of height difference of 0 m.

(3) Noise level measured in anechoic chamber at 1m distance front and 1.5m high.

(4) Refrigeration distances when outdoor unit is higher installed than the indoor units. Otherwise the maximum distance in vertical can reach 110m.

(5) Diameter of cooling pipe valid when the total length equivalent < 90 m. For larger lengths, refer to the technical manual. Gas balance pipe of 16 mm, only needed when two or more modules are connected.

(6) Power wiring recommended for L < 20 m, for longer distances will be calculated.