MC Serie

Industrial range


Industrial Evaporative MC Serie


  • Direct transmission motor and low consumption
  • Up to 3 operating modes: Ventilation, Extraction and Cooling
  • Adjustable flow rate of up to 10 speeds
  • Water distribution system uniform anti-sealing, solid and resistant
  • Structure with injected plastic housing, resistant to degradation
  • Electronic box hermetically sealed and easy to open
  • It incorporates control command and a disconnector of the current input
  • Self-management water cleaning system
  • Display information, with indicators of temperature, relative humidity, water level, etc.

     Technical documentation

CatalogueES 18X18
Data Sheet MC19ES 18X18
Data Sheet MC31ES 18X18
Owner's manual MC19ES 18X18
Owner's manual MC31ES 18X18
Control Panel owner's manualES 18X18