Serie MVD V8M

Gama Industrial

MVD V8M Series

Under certain conditions, the new V8M series allows the connection of up to 200% of the outdoor unit capacity


  • Versatility
  • High static pressure
  • Dc inverter evi scroll compressor (enhanced steam injection)
  • Subcooling in 2 stages
  • Low consumption in stand-by mode
  • Double “backup” function
  • Detection of lack/excess of refrigerant
  • Automatic refrigerant gas charge
  • Evaporation/condensation floating
  • Energy management system
  • Incorporates bluetooth module
  • Maintenance mode
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum pipe length
  • Simplified connection
  • Automatic addressing

Technical documentation

Ficha TécnicaESEN 18X18FR 18X18DE 18X18PT 18X18
Manual de Uso e InstalaciónESENFR 18X18DE 18X18PT 18X18
Módulo BluetoothES 18X18EN 18X18FR 18X18DE 18X18PT 18X18

High static pressure

The fan’s available static pressure can be increased up to 80 Pa.

Dc inverter evi scroll compressor (enhanced steam injection)

The EVI compressor increases the circulation of refrigerant and improves the capacity in both cooling and heating.

Subcooling in 2 stages

The plate heat exchanger increases the subcooling of the refrigerant, resulting in a 10% improvement in energy efficiency and a reduction in refrigerant flow noise.

Low consumption in stand-by mode

The V8M series only consumes 3.5 W in stand-by mode, compared to 30 W on average in a conventional VRF.

Detection of lack/excess of refrigerant

The V8M series can detect if the system lacks refrigerant or if there is an excess.

Simplified connection

The central control is connected to the outdoor unit and the automatic direction is activated, this way the control can detect all indoor units connected to that outdoor unit. Afterward we can modify the addresses manually with the individual control of each equipment.

Función “backup” doble

01 – Fans
The equipment can be left running with only one fan

02 – Sensors
Even if a temperature sensor is damaged, the equipment can continue to work, thanks to the algorithm that allows the generation of a virtual sensor to operate as a backup.

Automatic refrigerant gas charge

The V8M series charges the refrigerant gas automatically without having to perform the additional charge calculation.

Evaporation/condensation floating Temperature

The evaporation temperature (in cooling) and the condensation temperature (in heating) are automatically adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature to balance comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy management system

For projects with temporary power supply restrictions, the V8M series can be configured to limit its capacity between 40 ~ 100% in 1% steps.

Incorporates bluetooth module

For an easier commissioning and maintenance, the V8M series allows you to set and query the operating parameters through your mobile phone, using the LET’S THINK app.

Maintenance mode

When the maintenance mode is activated, the outdoor unit does not check the number of indoor units connected, so that the system can continue to operate without them

Easy installation

The mini MVD can be transported with a forklift. Its small size makes it easier to install and effectively reduces the time and number of personnel needed.

Maximum pipe length

The Mini MVD V8M system supports a maximum pipe length of 150m, with a height difference between the outdoor and indoor units of up to 50m.

Automatic addressing

By default, the first time the power supply is activated, the outdoor unit automatically assigns the address to each indoor unit. It is also possible to observe and modify the address of each interior unit from your controller.

Technical specifications


(1) Nominal cooling conditions: indoor 27 °C DB, 19 °C WB and outdoor 35 °C DB, for a pipe length of 5 m and a height difference of 0 m. (2) Nominal heating conditions: indoor 20 °C DB, 15 °C WB and outdoor 7 °C DB, for a pipe length of 5 m and a height difference of 0 m. (3) Pressure noise level measured in a semi-anechoic chamber at 1 m frontal distance and 1.3 m height. (4) Pipe length when outdoor unit is installed higher than the indoor units. (5)The specified diameters are for the service valves, this does not mean that the pipe must have this diameter. (6) Power wiring recommended for L < 20 m, for longer distances it should be recalculated.
* Data measured under EUROVENT EN 14825 conditions, at 100% simultaneity.
** All the data and specifications can be changed without previous notice