Maxi MVD V6X

Industrial Range

Maxi MVD V6X (2 tubes)

The new Super DC Inverter Maxi MVD V6X (2-pipe) modular system, consisting of 12 basic modules that can be combined together, allows a maximum power output up to 270 kW, the highest on the market, and supports a maximum pipe length of up to 1000 m.

The new Super DC Inverter Maxi MVD V6X (2-pipe) modular system, consisting of 12 basic modules that can be combined together, allows a maximum power output up to 270 kW, the highest on the market, and supports a maximum pipe length of up to 1000 m.


  • Novelty
  • Up to 13 modules
  • Scroll DC Inverter EV Compressor
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Floating evaporating/condensation temperature
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Wide operating range
  • Multiple silent modes
  • Mode priority
  • Rotation function
  • Double “backup” function
  • Fewer components
  • Liquid cooling
  • Gas shortage/excess detection
  • Energy management system
  • Automatic refrigerant gas charging
  • High static pressure
  • Triple possibility of configurations
  • Up to 1000 m of pipeline
  • Automatic addressing
  • Without oil balance pipe
  • Maintenance mode
  • Settings menu

Technical Documentation

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VERSATIBILITY – Up to 13 modules

The Super DC Inverter Maxi MVD V6X modular system consists of 13 basic modules, of which 3 can be combined as desired by the customer, forming a total system capacity ranging from 8 to 96 HP (270 kW) in 2 HP increments.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – EVI DC Inverter Scroll Compressor (Enhanced Steam Injection)

The EVI compressor allows the unit to operate in heating mode down to -25°C thanks to the 2 compression stages and the wide frequency range of 15 – 140 Hz.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – Plate heat exchangers

The plate heat exchanger increases refrigerant sub-cooling, resulting in a 10% improvement in energy efficiency and a reduction in refrigerant flow noise.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – Floating evaporating/condensing temperature

The evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) are automatically adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature to balance comfort and energy efficiency.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

The 24 to 32 HP modules incorporate a 3-row G-type battery, with an exchange surface 1.5 times larger than that of the 22 HP module.

The 24 to 32 HP modules also have super large fans with a diameter of up to 750 mm.

COMFORT – Wide operating range

The V6X series can operate stable in heating between -25°C and 24°C, with 100 % efficiency down to -5°C and in cooling between -5 and 48°C.

COMFORT – Multiple quiet modes

Quiet mode includes several programming options that can be used to reduce noise levels at times when low-noise operation is required.

In total, the following are available: 4 night silent modes, 3 silent modes and 4 super silent modes.

CONFORT – Mode priority

The 5 possible configurations for setting a priority in the operating mode provide more freedom and convenience to meet customer needs.

Furthermore, the system can be blocked for cooling or heating operation only by means of a potential-free contact (port CN91).

HIGH RELIABILITY – Rotation function

This function equalizes the running time of outdoor units in a multiple system, significantly extending the service life of the compressors.

HIGH RELIABILITY – Double “backup” function

“Backup” of the compressors, the unit can be left running with only one compressor for 4 days (only in units with 2 compressors).

In a multiple “Backup” installation of the modules.

HIGH RELIABILITY – Fewer components

Integration of different components within the same electronic board, and communication between R485 bus type boards, thus minimizing the risk of failure.

HIGH RELIABILITY – Liquid cooling

The electrical panel is cooled by liquid cooling by passing the liquid pipe through the heat sink. Compared with the air cooling method, the PCB temperature is 10 °C lower.

HIGH RELIABILITY – Gas shortage/excess detection

The V6X series can detect a lack or excess of refrigerant gas in the system.

EASIER INSTALLATION – Energy management system

For projects with temporary power supply restrictions, the V6X series can be configured to limit its capacity between 40 ~ 100%.

EASIER INSTALLATION – Automatic refrigerant gas charging

The V6X series allows the refrigerant gas to be charged to the system automatically without having to perform the additional charge calculation.

EASIER INSTALLATION – High static pressure

The available static pressure of the fan can be increased by simply activating a micro-switch on the outdoor unit control board.

EASIER INSTALLATION – Triple configurations possible

There are 3 ways to configure and query the parameters of the outdoor unit.

EASIER INSTALLATION – Up to 1000 m of piping

The Maxi MVD V6X system allows up to 1000 m of total pipeline.

EASIER INSTALLATION – No oil balancing piping

Thanks to the new oil management technology, in modular systems, it is not necessary to install the oil balance piping.

EASIER INSTALLATION – Automatic addressing

By default, the first time the power supply to the entire system is turned on, the outdoor unit assigns the address to each indoor unit automatically. Subsequently, the address of each indoor unit can be consulted and modified from its local control.


When the maintenance mode is activated, the outdoor unit does not check the number of connected indoor units, so the system can continue to operate without any of the indoor units.


The main board incorporates the new parameter setting menu that allows us to adjust most of the equipment’s functions.