KRISTAL series

Industrial range

Water Chillers KRISTAL series

Water Chillers KRISTAL series

KRISTAL is part of the FORTY chiller family, a range created for air conditioning custom-fitted.

It is a hydronic monoblock with reversible heat pump for external installation, extremely compact and quiet. Especially recommended for residential applications, it pays a special attention to the reduction of the noise level. All units are equipped with water circulation pump and accumulation buffer tank. Ventilation modulation control, safety flow switch for water circulation and evaporator antifreeze resistance are included in the basic version.


Provided with complete wiring and combined in a single monoblock covered with panels. It is only necessary to make the hydraulic and electrical connections.


Equipped with rotary or scroll compressor and low speed fans that guarantee a reduced sound level according to current legislation.


The functions and safety devices are automatically managed by a Mach1 microprocessor, which allows registration of multiple alarmss.


  • Compact
  • Silent
  • Reliable



CodeCL 25 501CL 25 502CL 25 503CL 25 504CL 25 505
Cooling capacitykW5,27,5101215
Heating capacitykW5,581113,517,5
Compressor typeRotaryRotaryScrollScrollScroll
Absorbed total nominal power - coolingkW2,134,25,16,3
Sound power LwAdB(A)7173767676
Sound pressure LpAdB(A)4042454545
Standard weightKg90110145150160
Initial tank capacityL1523323232
Water flow of pumpl/s0,250,360,480,570,72
Useful impulsion pressure of pumpkpa4565517065
Refrigerant loadKg1,72,62,933,2

Data referred to the following operating conditions:

Water temp. (12/7°C); outdoor temp. (35°C – 50% HR) for cooling power.

Water temp. (39/45°C); outdoor temp. (7°C – 85% HR) for thermal power.

LpA measured at 10 meters in open field.