EWR/PR Series

Industrial range

Enfriadoras de agua y bombas de calor serie EWR - PR

Water chillers and heat pumps EWR/PR Series

Water chillers and heat pumps with air condensation designed for inside installation.

The series consists of 3 models operating in single-phase and  14 models operating in three-phase with a power between 4.9kW and 74.2kW in cooling mode and between 5.5 kW and 91.6kW in heat pump mode.

All models are fitted with hermetic Scroll compressors and with the dimensions to use R407C refrigerant type.

The assembly must be done in an integrated  structure in galvanized steel profile, painted with polyester powder and dried in the oven. All models are provided with cables and ready to connect to the installation where they are going to be used.

Prior to delivery, each unit is subjected to accurate operation tests and the proper functioning of all safety components is checked.

Available versions

AP Model:
Pumping and accumulation section of supplied water separately (except models: 05-06-08-10 whose pumping section is provided inside the unit) and complete No.1 (possibility of another bomb in stand-by), water circulation pump with all service water taps, storage tank, expansion tank, security valve, safety flow switch and drain cock.

The hydraulic connections are made with steel pipes insulated with foam rubber mattress of closed cell.

The microprocessor incorporated in the unit makes the pump control.

HP Model:
(except models 05-06-08-10), units provide increased lift height, because the useful static pressures in the exhaust air are higher.

Main components of standard unit

The scroll hermetic compressor ensures high efficiency and low sound and vibration level. The model 091 due to the series incorporates thermal-current protection of the motor and stop valves. Cooling condenser package type with fins made of copper tubes, aluminum fins and bracket frame of the galvanized steel exchanger. On request can be supplied a model with pre-coated copper or aluminum fins, suitable for very aggressive atmospheres.

Expansion evaporator plates type with hard stainless steel brazing AISI-316 or copper tubes battery and steel lining, depending on the model, isolated through an dick anti-condensation coating made of closed cells.

It is provided with threaded hydraulic connections for easy installation.

On request a security resistance against ice can be supplied.

Main functions

Compressors operation control according to the return water temperature; rotation / activation of the compressors and biased control for 2 or 4 degrees depending on the model; signaling visual and audible alarms with viewing on the display the type of alarm activated or its time sequence; the possibility to control an outdoor pump or a pump mounted on the machine; calculation of the pump and compressor operating time, saving programmed parameters if a failure occurs in the system power. Possibility of connecting the remote control panel for wall mounting.


  • Scroll hermetic compressor
  • Cooling condenser package type fitted with fins
  • Expansion evaporator plates type with hard stainless steel brazing AISI-316 or copper tubes battery and steel lining