MUPR-H4 Series

Domestic range


Wall split MUPR-H4 Series

Turbo operation

This function increases the heating or cooling to the maximum effect. So the air cools or heats up quickly and the desired temperature is achieved in a short time.

Night mode

This function allows the unit to increase (cooling) or reduce (heating) temperature in 1°C per hour during the first two hours. During the first 5 hours the unit keeps the same temperature, afterwards it turns off. The function ensures an ideal temperature and saves energy.


  • Automatic restart
  • Cooling by low temperatures
  • Emergency operation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Intelligent anti-cold function
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • 5 outdoor speeds
  • Wide operating range
  • 12 speeds indoor
  • Standby function (1W)

     Technical documentation

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Technical manualESEN
Performance tablesEN

Automatic restart

If there is a power failure and the unit turns off, once power supply is restored, the unit restarts automatically with the last selected settings.

Emergency operation

If an error occurs in the temperature sensor, the air conditioner will display an error code and it will turn off immediately.

Intelligent anti-cold function

When cooling mode is on, the fan speed increases automatically from the predetermined lowest level, according to the heating of the evaporator. So the initial cold flow exit is avoided which is not pleasant for the user.

Wide operation range

Up to 25 levels of frequency of the compressor (F1-F25), and a major range of frequency of 70 %, plus a more exact and accurate control which guarantee comfort and energetic saving. Thanks to modern technology that adjusts the frequency to the compressor preheat, the unit can operate in temperatures as low as -20 ° C.

Filtro Catalizador Frío

Cold catalyst filter

Eliminates formaldehyde and other organic volatile compounds (COV) as well as harmful gases and odors.

Turbo operation

This function increases the heating or cooling to the maximum effect. In this way the atmosphere cools or heats up quickly and the desired temperature is achieved in a short period of time.

Detección de fugas de refrigerante

Refrigerant leak detection

With this new technology, an alarm sounds from the indoor unit if a coolant leak on the outdoor unit is detected.

Multi-speed indoor fan

Up to 12 levels of fan speed of the indoor unit ensure a pleasant air flow for comfort and wellbeing.


Refrigeration in low temperatures

The air conditioner can operate in low temperatures and can be used to cool even when the outdoor temperature reaches -15ºC.


Temperature compensation

The indoor unit compensate the temperature variation due to the hight of the installation.

5 speeds of the outdoor fan

Thanks to the DC fan motor the amount of speeds increases from 2 to 5. These levels of speed ensure a better comfort and energy saving.

Función Stanby (sólo 1w)

Standby function (only 1 W)

ON/OFF intelligent technology allows energy saving in Standby mode. In this way the energy consumption can be reduced from 4-5 W to 1 W, resulting in an energy saving of 80%.


CodeCL 20 805CL 20 806CL 20 807CL 20 808
Consumption (min.-max.)W822 (144-1,240)1,090 (139-1,650)1,593 (157-2,270)2,080 (204-2,730)
Consumption (min.-max.)W794 (175-1,230)1,015 (177-1,620)1,455 (191-2,220)2,055 (293-3,090)
Energy efficiency of cooling typesA+A+A++A+
Energy efficiency of heating typesAAAA
Min. working temperatureºC-15-15-15-15
Interior air flow (High/Medium/Low)m3/h650/560/450650/560/450750/550/4801,100/970/800
Interior sound pressure (High/Medium/Low)dB(A)40/38/3143/39/3144/34/3250/47/40
Exterior air flow (High)m3/h1.8001.8002.2002.700
Exterior sound pressure (High)dB(A)56565960
Net dimensions (mm)Interior (W x D x H)mm800 x 188 x 275800 x 188 x 275940 x 205 x 2751,045 x 235 x 315
Exterior (W x D x H)mm780 x 250 x 540780 x 250 x 540760 x 285 x 590845 x 320 x 700
Net weightInteriorkg7,57,5912,5
Connection pipesLiquidinches1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 3/8"
Gasinches3/8" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
1. Data and specifications are subject to changes without previous notice.
2. The values of noise level match with values obtained in the anechoic chamber.



GasLiquidMax. Length (B)Max. slope (A)Preloading untilAdditional chargeSupply (D)Interconection (C)
MUPR-09-H43/8"1/4"25 m10 m5 m15 gr/m2 x 2.5 + T4 x 2.5 + T
MUPR-12-H43/8"1/4"25 m10 m5 m15 gr/m2 x 2.5 + T4 x 2.5 + T
MUPR-18-H41/2"1/4"30 m20 m5 m15 gr/m2 x 4 + T4 x 4 + T
MUPR-24-H45/8"3/8"30 m20 m5 m30 gr/m2 x 4 + T4 x 4 + T