MUCHR-H7 Series

Commercial range


High capacity duct inverter MUCHR-H7 Series


  • DC Inverter Compressor
  • DC Fan Motors
  • Configurable static pressure
  • Remote ON / OFF signal and alarm
  • Wall control with “Follow me” function KJR-29B included
  • Wall control with week schedule and “Follow me” function KJR-120C (optional)
  • Centralized controller CCM (optional)

     Technical Documentation

Data SheetES 18X18EN 18X18FR 18X18DE 18X18PT 18X18
Owner's and Installation
and Information requirements
ES 18X18EN 18X18FR 18X18DE 18X18PT 18X18
Service manualEN 18X18



Cooling (*1)Nominal capacitykW28
Nominal ratingW9
Heating (*2)Nominal capacitykW31,5
Nominal ratingW8,5
Indoor unitAir flow rate (High / Medium / Low)m3/h4.075 / 3.900 / 3.880
Static pressureRatedPa50
Configurable (*3)Pa0 ~ 150
Sound pressure (High / Medium / Low)dB(A)52 / 51 / 49
Drain connectionmm32
Power supplyV-Hz-F220-240V~ 50Hz, 1F
Inner power cablemm22 x 2,5 + T
Wired remote controlKJR-29B
Provided cable length (4 wires)m6
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)mm1470 x 512 x 775
Outdoor unitAir flow (High)m3/h9.800
Sound pressure (High)dB(A)59
Compressor (Brand / Model)MITSUBISHI / LNB53FCAMC
Power supplyV-Hz-F380-415V~ 50Hz, 3F
Outdoor power cablemm24 x 6 + T
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)mm1120 x 1558 x 414
Whole setCommunication cablemm23 x 0,75 (shielded)
Preloading untilm5
Additional load (from 5 m)g/m30
Design pressureMPa4,4 / 2,6
Connection pipesLiquidinch 3/8"
Max. Length (*4)m50
Max. Drop HeightHigher outdoor Unitm25
Lower outdoor unitm30
Operation temperatureIndoor (Cooling / Heating)ºC17 ~ 32 / 0 ~ 30
Outdoor (Cooling / Heating)ºC-15 ~ 43 / -15 ~ 24


(*1) Nominal cooling conditions: ind. ut. 27°C DB, 19°C WB and outd. ut. 35°C DB, 24°C WB, for a pipe length of 7.5 m and a height difference of 0 m..

(*2) Nominal heating conditions: ind. ut. 20°C DB, 15°C WB and outd. ut. 7°C DB, 6°C WB, for a pipe length of 7.5 m and a height difference of 0 m..

(*3) Configurable pressure via Micro-switch ENC2 on the indoor PCB of the indoor unit.

(*4) Pipes minimum length of 2 m.

* The above design and specifications are subject to change due product improvement without prior notice.

** The values of noise level match with values obtained in the anechoic chamber