MU-EMP (ECO) Series

Commercial range

Cortina MU-EMP

Embedded air curtain

MU-EMP (ECO) Series

Keeping the doors open involves a waste of considerable energy in most buildings.

The correct installation of an air curtain can reduce in 90 % the loss of energy due to the opened doors.

In addition to the significant energy savings, air curtains improve the healthiness of the environment and allow you to keep the doors open even during winter, which allows the entry of customers in stores.

The air curtains have an operating slogan: “A warm welcome…”


  • Specially designed for ceiling installation
  • Metal housing
  • Three-speed motor
  • Remote control
  • Installation height: 3.5 m

     Technical Documentation

Data SheetESEN 18X18FRDE 18X18PT 18X18
Owner's and Installation manualESEN