Serie MUP-W9

Industrial Range

Wall fan coil MUP-W9 series


  • 2 Pipes Fan Coil Unit Wall Type
  • 3-Way valves with bypass included.
  • DC fan motor with 3 speeds.
  • 0-10 V input for speed selection.
  • 0-10 V output for the control of a 0-10V auxiliary valve.
  • Automatic blade swinging.
  • Digital display with possibility to switch it off (only by RM12F control).
  • Remote signal ON / OFF.
  • Easily reversible hydraulic connections (left/right)
  • The compensation temperature can be modified.
  • Allows connection to centralized CCM control.
  • Integrated Modbus communication (RTU).
  • Remote control not included, recommended RM12F (CL97820).

    Technical specifications

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