HOTTY Series

Industrial range

Bomba de calor aire-agua reversible serie HOTTY

Air / water reversible heat pump HOTTY Series

The heat pump: a modern, efficient and clean solution that ensures your domestic comfort taking the environment into consideration. It is a smart way to use our natural resources to improve our life quality and at the same time it faces the challenge of lowering harmful emissions to restore our planet to its natural balance.

During the winter, the heat pump “transfers” the energy contained in the outside air as heat to a higher temperature level and leads it inward. In summer, the pump uses the same system to lower the temperature level and thereby to cool the atmosphere.

In energy terms it means that this system allows, at no cost, to take over 70% of the heat required to heat the outside air environment and thus requires 30% less electricity.

HOTTY is an air / water reversible heat pump designed to be used in homes and small commercial properties, as well as in new or refurbished buildings.

It uses E.V.I Technology (Enhanced Vapour Injection) it allows to better the equipment performance. Thanks to this method it can increase the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems by radiation.

In addition, optimal effects are also achieved in restructuring, as it’s often necessary to heat water to high temperatures under very hard climatic conditions outdoors.

Hotty transmits natural energy from the air to the domestic environment and thus creates an ideal climate throughout the year, also it supplies hot water for daily use.


HOTTY: only one equipment for both the air conditioning and sanitary hot water.

Priority of heating the sanitary hot water: The electronic control regulates the heating of sanitary water as a priority, allowing individual configuration of the water temperature for the equipment and for sanitary hot water.

The control panel with LCD display, placed in the room, allows viewing and configuration of temperature parameters and possible scheduling of operation.


  • Modern
  • Effective
  • Environmentally friendly