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Water chillers and heat pumps GALAXY - ZENIT Series

Water chillers and heat pumps GALAXY / ZENIT Series

ZENIT and Galaxy water chillers and heat pumps ensure maximum energy efficiency throughout the high-efficiency operating cycle with air condensation for external installation.

They are available in a wide range of multi-compressors models with cooling power of about 40 to 180 kW. All sets are designed and equipped with Scroll type compressors, using R410A cooler and they are dimensioned to get optimum energy efficiency, especially high with partial loads.

Variety of equipment and accessories

Both standard and silenced versions and all units can integrate optional devices that adapt to different needs related to installation.

  • Single pump hydronic section
  • Double pump hydronic section
  • Hydronic section with pump (single/double) and buffer tank
  • Buffer tank with serial connection to the installation or equipped with 4 connections with function of hydraulic separator between the unit and user’s system
  • Total heat recovery (only for Galaxy unit)
  • Partial heat recovery (only for Galaxy unit)
  • Free cooling kit (only for Galaxy unit)
  • Electronic thermostatic valve
  • “Adaptive” control for systems without buffer tank


The advantage of being compact in addition to a wide range of equipment and accessories, allow the use and installation of the Galaxy units in all conditions. Thanks to the construction solutions adopted, installation and upkeep are particularly simple, allowing workers to save time and money.


Thanks to a consolidated constructive election and to the philosophy that forms the basis for the design and development as well as the use of components produced on an industrial scale, the manufacturer provides starting up and supports all products throughout its service life.


All models, in standard operation, are design for the placement of the compressors in an opening acoustically isolated. The noise is measured and fully compatible with the standards of silence normally required. Especially for low noise emissions requirements, SLN version is available on which, in addition to enhancing the soundproofing of the compressors opening, reduced speed fans and increased heat exchange surfaces are used to ensure high energy efficiency.


Make installation and maintenance easier and faster thanks to quick connections to the used circuits, the simplicity for electrical connections and full functional approval before shipping. Units may also have pumping groups, partial heat recovery and accumulation buffer tanks already installed, gathering in a single solution all major system components.


Thanks to the new regulation, has many more features to meet all application requirements. Main functions of regulation:

  • Controlling the compressors activation based on the return water temperature or, upon request, on the impulsion for the installation.
  • Visual and audible alarm signaling with information displayed on the type of alarm you set or, if more than one, of the sequence of these in temporal order.
  • Possibility to manage one/two external or internal pumps for the machine.
  • Calculation of operating time for the compressor and pump.
  • Storing data of operation parameters in case of power failure to the system.
  • Historic memory of alarms.
  • Possibility of dynamic control depending on the outside temperature.
  • Terminals for on-off remote controlling of the unit via voltage free contact.
  • Voltage free contact of general alarm available in the terminal panel.


Regulation and controls are managed from a microprocessor unit coupled to safety devices provided on the machine or externally connected. Self-adaptation in various load conditions, thanks to the availability of several steps of capacity and the logic of regulations developed to get maximum efficiency and minimum wear.


For ecological reasons the Galaxy Zenit series uses the new generation of refrigerant gas HFC 410A (R410a) having a greater cooling capacity (+ 50 ~ 55% compared to previous generation) due to density and higher working pressures. This feature allows the use of components (compressors, pipes, etc) of smaller dimensions or less energy consumption, since the devices are also of higher energy class.


  • Variety of equipment and accessories
  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Silent
  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Ecological