Industrial range


Heat Recovery MU-RECO EC Series


  • Heat recovery unit according to Erp 2018.
  • High efficiency cross flow exchanger certified by Eurovent.
  • Air flow rates between 500 m³/h and 6000 m³/h.
  • Structure casing formed by closed extruded aluminum profiles with polyamide corners that give it great resistance and high sealing.
  • Sandwich panels with rock wool insulation density40 kg/m³, Class M1, average thickness 25 mm.
  • All equipment for indoor installation is supplied with handles for hanging (not mounted), models 4000 and 6000 also have ground support feet.
  • All equipment for outdoor installation (with roof) is supplied with floor support feet.
  • Models 500 to 3000 are single-phase and models 4000 and 6000 are three-phase.
  • Condensate tray in stainless steel.
  • Electronic brushless motors with EC technology for low power consumption.
  • Automatic fan control.
  • By-pass with integrated standard temperature sensors.
  • Easily removable standard filters.
  • Alarm due to dirty filters.
  • Basic or CO2 control, with Eliwel FREE SMART SMD4500 standard regulator, wired and configured.

     Technical documentation

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