MAMY Series

Industrial range

Bomba de calor agua-agua de alta eficiencia serie MAMY

High efficiency water / water heat pump MAMY Series

Generally, geothermal heat pumps are used in underfloor heating systems. MAMY is the core of the installation, it is able to deliver hot or cold energy to the environment while heating the sanitary hot water at high temperatures.

Compact and complete. MAMY has inside the necessary elements for the operation of the system, the circulation pumps and the necessary parts for system security. MAMY is a compact unit capable of delivering air-conditioning to the environment and producing hot water.

Depending on the needs, MAMY can directly heat sanitary water in the tank or function as a “heating lung” to supply the high temperature emitters and provide hot water. MAMY uses the “Genius System” to control which is protected by an international patent. “Genius” is the intelligence of the system that manages, fully automatically, the needs of the installation.

The user has the possibility of using MAMY throughout the year. To heat the spaces around and sanitary hot water during winter. To cool the spaces around and heat sanitary hot water during summer. Only to heat the sanitary water during intermediate stations.

MAMY Heat pumps are supplied only with electricity and natural energy sources such as water or the ground in geothermal version.

Water version

The air condensation machines are able to take advantage from the ground water aquifers or wells to extract heat. This option is extremely efficient from the point of view of the necessary space because it allows easy setup indoors and regarding consumption, it is highly reduced compared to traditional installations.

Geothermal version

Also in this series geothermal version is available, designed to use the heat from the ground using geothermal probes. This energy is then transmitted through the water, which is the exchange fluid. They can work even with extremely low temperatures outside.

Safety and reliability

MAMY is a heat pump electrically driven, uses no fossil fuels, produces no fuel gas and therefore it does not need expulsion chimney. Thanks to the presence of a completely sealed refrigerating section, are not normally required periodic maintenance. Without fuels, the environmental safety levels are very high. The setup times and costs are drastically reduced because MAMY has pumping units, control and safety components integrated. The fully removable access panel allows easy access to all interior components allowing simple maintenance.

Priority: domestic hot water

The operation of “Genius” during the winter gives priority to sanitary hot water, rapidly heating the thermal accumulator.

It manages constantly the thermal power provided by MAMY largely using it to heat the environment and partly to raise the temperature of the heat accumulator.

Thanks to the use of a sub-cooling special equipment of refrigerant gas, it is possible to achieve high levels of thermal storage temperature without impairing the high performances of MAMY.

It operates during the summer, thanks to the recovery of condensation heat, the water heating is free, it works also when the environment does not require cooling, all this due to the automatic control of the invert cycle operation as required.

“All in one”

Sanitary elements are connected directly to the heat exchanger hydraulic connections heated to high temperatures by MAMY.

The same happens to the underfloor heating system, it can be connected directly to the installation area collector. The control system enables dynamic control of temperature depending on the external temperature variation.

The connection with additional heat sources such as thermal solar is also possible, it will be directly managed from the machine regulator. The bathrooms emitting elements can be supplied with high temperature regardless of the installation of underfloor heating. In cooling operation MAMY allows the link to a dehumidifier, which is necessary to control the humidity in the environment. MAMY uses the inexhaustible energy provided by the earth mass as means to transfer heat at the service of domestic comfort.

The use of geothermal probes allows high and constant performances at any time of year. In the case of closed systems, environmental impact is virtually non-existent.


The needs for heating and conditioning make up a very wide range of possibilities.

Precisely for this reason the most varied applications are satisfied:

Heating by heating plates:
It is traditionally the most widespread installation, that makes use of water to temperatures of 50°C and it is possible to use only for heating. MAMY offers the possibility to replace completely the boiler, plus it has the advantage of the sanitary water.

Heating panel installation:
It is the most innovative option, which provides winter heating and cooling in a single installation. Previously, you must install a dehumidification system for summer operation. Given the considerable exchange surface it is sufficient to use water heating around 35°C.

Installation of heating or cooling coil and fan (fan coil units):
They are the most technologically advanced facilities and they are able to ensure optimal performance, both in the operation of heating and cooling. The fresh air and heat are transmitted to the environment through the airflow moved by the fan installed in the hydronic terminal.


  • Safety and reliability
  • Priority for sanitary water
  • All in one