MUEV-2000 Series

Domestic range


Evaporative Unit MUEV-2000


The evaporative cooling is one of the most efficient methods to save energy and cool a room. Your consumption is less than the alternatives It is also considered environmentally friendly because the process does not require chemical agents that could damage the ozone layer.

Based on the physical phenomenon of evaporation, it is only necessary a small amount of water to start the process.

The hot air is pushed to pass through an high efficiency and long lasting antigerm fabric, through this fabric circulate water in a close circuit. The outside temperature is reduced by the evaporative process, and so is the cooled air introduced into the building by the fan.


  • Very low electrical consumption.
  • Reduced water consumption due to its circulation in a closed-loop.
  • It delivers 100% fresh air without impurities.
  • Low sound level.
  • Speed control at will.
  • Easy servicing.


The conditioners clean the air, using 100% of fresh and new air. It does not dry the air as conventional ventilation equipments. The humidity is maintained, resulting beneficial to our body, animals, plants … Especially recommended for allergic and asthmatic persons, as those who suffer from migraines or have dust or mites allergy.


The decrease of temperature in the room depends on the amount of water absorbed by air according to:

  • Relative humidity on the air.
  • Evaporable capacity of water (depending on the temperature and hardness).
  • Ventilation capacity of the location.


  • Remote control and control panel.
  • Water curtain system free of germs.
  • Antibacterial tank (8 liters).
  • Two stages heating 1000W/2000W.
  • Ability to add ice cubes.
  • Three ventilation speeds.
  • With wheels for a better mobility.
  • Low sound level.
  • Low consumption LED display.
  • 8 h Timer.


CodeCE 04 206
VoltageAC220 240V/50Hz
Consumption in cooling mode70W
Consumption in heating mode1000/2000W
ProtectionType II
Air volume350m3
Net weight6.5 kg
Tank capacity8 l.
Dimensions (LxWxH)370x320x735